The Answer to Medical Records Management – EMR Software


There is a software application that incorporates medical aspects to enhance patient care and administrative workflow productiveness which is called the EMR (Electronic Medical Records). This software application can perform things like scheduling management, electronic lab results, auto generated tasks, prescription management, letter generation, custom forms, hospital reports, follow up and wait lists, billings, call back generation, consult requests, transcription templates, lab results mapping, chart lock security and a lot more. It is oftentimes a tough duty for medical groups to transform records on paper to an electronic system. Custom-made EMR applications can now emblematize the work procedures that has the necessary paper forms and effective procedures.

Of course, there are advantages in using the EMR software. It includes diagnosis and treatment decisions in terms of giving a harmonious application of medicine protocols, simplifying assessment and sharing patient information, and fast information availability. Furthermore, it aids in improving outcomes, lowering practices risk, and reducing errors. The medical billing software is more practical compared to traditional procedures. These cuts down the cycle of billing and other main administrative and clinical operations likewise for storage and duplicating costs of medical records. The EMR application allows the doctors and other medical personnel to record data and minimize transcription costs. Time is saved because it provides direct links to a transcription system.

The exceptional quality of using the software is the high quality documentation like accessible and orderly charts and records. It enhances the precision of coding at the suitable level and document visits to a harmonious level of service. It will reduce the problems related to wrong or disagreeing medical prescriptions. The EMR system is very useful for doctors because they will be able to give treatment as soon as possible. It generates a more precise and complete records that aid doctors and medical personnel to avoid problems and mistakes. It gives a more thorough and safe medical records to new regulatory mandates (such as HIPAA).

It will also be easy for administrators and the management to establish modifications with the use of the online medical records system. It is known that the electronic medical records are the keystone of improved clinical economics.

The other MD Audit Shield advantages are as follows: improve and monitor overall processes, provide quick responses to chart/record requests and audits,share key information with more accuracy and efficiency, save on transcription overheads, less human resources are required if physicians enter some of the information, fewer misplaced or duplicate charts, provide quick and smooth access to comprehensive information when required, reduce or eliminate effort consuming chart pulls and re-files, minimum expensive tasks of developing and managing paper charts, and enhance Return on Investment (ROI).


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